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【Flux Réel髮廊 X StyleUp】自然捲毛躁掰掰!髮型師Sophie教你從洗髮開始

自然捲髮質總是問題一堆,真是羨慕直髮女孩可以隨時有清爽飄逸的感覺。其實,從平日洗髮開始保養,選定正確的洗潤護商品,自然捲髮質也可以開始變得柔順聽話,不再毛躁。而自然捲又分成粗硬髮質及細軟髮質,到底要選擇什麼樣的髮品才最適合自己?For natural curly hair girls, there’s always a bunch of problem while taking your hair, not only coarse hair, and fine hair can also include in natural curly hair type. But how to distinguish the right cleanse hair product? This time, StyleUp invites Sophie, from FLUX REEL HAIR BOUTIQUE to share natural curly hair washing tips to our readers.

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