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Girls with slicked back hairs is more attractive than boys!

Although slicked back hair is retro, it still never goes out of fashion and it has always been on the cutting edge of fashion. Furthermore, women are fashionable to have short hair recently years. Not only the short hair which the length cut above the ear but also having a slicked back hair like a super star who acts in the movies. We can also find that all fashion stars nowadays having a slicked back hair in magazines or some fashion shows. To become fashionable, you have to slick back your hair.

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Discover the True Beauty- Kim Robison Salon

對於髮型設計來說,追求時尚沒有絕對的終點,能夠幾十年來堅守巔峰著實不容易,Kim Robinson做到了。StyleUp這次很榮幸專訪這間國際頂尖髮廊!自八零年代火紅至今,這位澳洲的傳奇設計師,從香港為起點,以高超技巧品味風靡全球

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